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Flood FAQ
Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit
Be Prepared for a Flood
Simple Measures to Reduce Flood Damages
Safety Precautions
Coping After a Flood
Flood Control Law
Flood Control Endeavor
Water Projects
Ministry of Water Resources of the PRC
The China Charity Federation
The China Poverty-relief Foundation
Fighting Against the Worst Flood (2002)
Floods Disrupt Lives of 350,000 People
Two Explosions and Flooding Kill at Least 18
38b Yuan Earmarked to Harness Huaihe River
US Donation Helps Flood-relief Efforts in Shaanxi
More Efforts for Yellow River Flood Control
Floods Claim 64 Lives in Shaanxi in Past Two Weeks
Shaanxi Flood Affects 510,000
Students in Flooded Areas Resume Studies
Yellow River Flood Warning Issued
Northwest China Solicits Donations for Disaster Relief
Central China Province on Alert Against Severe Flooding
Floods, Typhoon Kill 86, Wreak Havoc
Typhoon Toll Could Mount
Floods Hit Shaanxi, Henan
Typhoon 'Dujuan' Sweeps Through South China
Flood Forces Evacuation of 100,000 Residents in Shaanxi
Typhoon Dujuan Sweeps over Taiwan, Heads for HK, Mainland
Shaanxi, Sichuan Floods Claim 35 Lives
Rainstorms Claim 21 Lives in NW China Province
Typhoon Krovanh Hits Guangdong and Hainan
Floodwater Enters East China's Shandong Province
Death Toll from Typhoon Dujuan Rises to 40
Weihe River Water Level Drops, but Huaxian County Remains Dangerous
Weihe River Valleys to Expect More Rain in Next 10 Days
Relief Team Sticks to Position at Flood-isolated Embankment in NW China
15,000 Houses Destroyed by Continuous Rainstorms in E. China City
Troops Move in to Help Fight Flooding in NW China
Five Confirmed Dead in Inner Mongolia Coal Mine Flood
Typhoon "Imbodu" Approaches Southern China
Flood-prone Province Intensifies Inspection of Dangerous Reservoirs
Rainstorm Batters NW. China Province
Normal Life Restores in Mud-rock-flow Hit County
China's biggest freshwater lake on flood alert
Central Gov't Allocates 200 million yuan for Flood Control
Flood Hits Mountain Areas in Xinjiang
Yangtze River Flood Crest Enters Wuhan
Second Flood Crest of Huaihe River Reaches Jiangsu
Disaster Relief Funding Rises
Int'l Red Cross to Help Flood-affected Areas
Water Level at Hongze Lake Reaches Record Height
Traffic Resumes on Flood-collapsed Railway in N.W. China
Rainfall to Sweep Northern China in Coming Days
Record Water Levels Set in Mainstream Section of Huaihe River
Possibilities of Dike Explosion at Jiangjia Lake Diminish
Floods Ease at Hongze Lake
Jail Evacuation Goes Without A Hitch
More People Evacuated for Flood Diversion at Hongze Lake
Huaihe River Level Rises to Record High amid Flood Fears
Ninth Flood Diversion Area Opened on Huaihe River
Floods Force Evacuation of 300,000 in China
Yangtze Mainstreams Exceed Flood Warning Mark
More Rain in Less Time Adds to China's Flood Problem
China Tightens Supervision of Flood Relief Work
Flood Situation No Worse Than Average Year: Official Report
China Uses Eighth Flood Diversion Area in Huaihe River
Heavy Rainfall to Continue in Huaihe, Yangtze River Valleys
Water Rises to Alert Level in Dongting Lake
Expert Warns Possible Small-range Outbreak of Flu
1,650 People in Central China Trapped by Floodwater
Water Level of E. China's Hongze Lake Exceeds Flood Warning Line
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