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Typhoon 'Dujuan' Sweeps Through South China

Typhoon Dujuan, the 13th to hit China this year had moved to the coastal area near the mouth of the Pearl River in south China's Guangdong Province by yesterday afternoon.

At 8 am yesterday morning, Dujuan arrived on the sea 400 kilometers southeast of Shenzhen, Guangdong, and it was moving in a northwesterly direction, spreading across the province at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

Areas where the eye of the typhoon passed through were hit by strong winds at the speed of 45 meters per second.

As of 10 am yesterday, a total of 58 cities and counties had issued typhoon warnings.

All seagoing vessels have been safely berthed in harbors. Primary schools in all the typhoon-hit areas dismissed their students earlier yesterday afternoon.

Businesses and schools in Hong Kong shut down and residents scrambled for shelter yesterday as Typhoon Dujuan bore down on the territory after lashing Taiwan, where it caused a major blackout and left two people dead.

The typhoon, packing winds of 43 meters per second, also caused massive disruption at the Hong Kong's airport, where officials said 151 flights were cancelled and 115 were delayed.

The storm uprooted many trees in the territory and triggered two minor landslides, a government statement said. No one was reported injured.

In northwest China's Shaanxi Province, which has been hit by a continuous heavy rain, a total of 38 people have been reported dead and 34 people have been missing since last Thursday.

The latest statistics released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs showed that a total of 4.924 million people in Shaanxi's 67 counties and districts were hit by the disaster.

The ministries of civil affairs and finance have allocated an emergency fund of 20 million yuan (US$2.4 million) and 6,500 tents to the province to help local people resettle in areas away from the flood-stricken area.

The second flood crest on the Weihe River passed Huayin County in eastern Shaanxi yesterday. With the end of the continuous heavy rain, the water level in the river started to drop down slowly.

The Weihe River, the Yellow River's largest tributary which crosses central Shaanxi from west to east, witnessed historically high water levels caused by heavy rain, and the embankments of the Weihe River's tributaries burst in five places on Monday.

The latest statistics showed that some 46,000 houses and 318,000 hectares of farmland were destroyed in the flood. The direct economic loss reached 3.02 billion yuan (US$363.8 million).

In central China's Henan Province, 36 counties have suffered from the heavy rains and the flooding, the local Dahe Newspaper reported yesterday.

Ten people lost their lives in the flood and a total of 14.64 million people were affected.

The flood had also ruined 1,189 hectares of farmland and damaged 38,000 houses by noon on Monday, causing a direct economic loss of 4.2 billion yuan (US$506 million).

However, the rainfall has also relieved the drought that has recently prevailed in northern areas of China.

(China Daily September 3, 2003)

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