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Flood FAQ
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Simple Measures to Reduce Flood Damages
Safety Precautions
Coping After a Flood
Flood Control Law
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Fighting Against the Worst Flood (2002)
Safety Precautions

  • Wear protective clothes, sturdy boots, waterproof gloves and face masks when handling debris.

  • Floodwater may be contaminated by sewage, chemicals, or rat's urine (leading to some diseases). Keep your hands away from your face while cleaning and always wash your hands if you make direct contact with floodwater or silt.

  • Wash all cuts and grazes and cover with a waterproof plaster. Get a tetanus jab if you are not already inoculated.

  • Do not attempt to move heavy objects that may be unstable and could suddenly shift and trap or crush you. This includes fallen trees.

  • Do not enter any deep standing water or water that is still fast flowing.

  • Always move slowly and carefully. Standing water and mud can obscure holes, undermined foundations and sharp objects such as broken glass. Sediment can also be slippery.

  • Vermin, stray cats and dogs and other animals may take shelter in your home if they have been disturbed by the flood. Be cautious in approaching any animal.

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