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Heavy Rainfall to Continue in Huaihe, Yangtze River Valleys

Areas along the flooding Huaihe River will continue to be pelted by strong rainfall on Friday and Saturday, according to the Central Meteorological Station.

Its rainstorm forecast at 10 a.m. Friday noted that southern Shandong Province, the central and northern parts of Anhui and Jiangsu provinces, all in east China, the central and southern parts of central Henan Province and most of the areas in central Hubei province, where the Huaihe River passes through, will experience torrential rains, thundershowers or even hails for the two days.

These areas need to guard against and work in preparation for control of floods and related geological disasters, such as mud-rock flow and landslides, noted the meteorological station.

Meanwhile, the station also forecast heavy rains or thunderstorms for most of Chongqing Municipality and northern Guizhou Province, where the Yangtze runs through.

(Xinhua News Agency July 11, 2003)

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