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Carrefour Revamps Business to Follow Local Rule
French supermarket giant Carrefour will reorganize its Chinese operations and bring in local partners a year after Chinese officials said it broke rules by opening stores without their permission.
Oracle Ups Bet in High-stakes China Market
Software giant Oracle Corp is staking a bigger bet on China by stepping up investments in development and courting application developers in the country to capitalize on China's growing needs for business software.
Tibet Encourages Cooperation for Progress
Tibet welcomes more international cooperation to help speed up its development.
East Asia Ponders Farming Issues
China and other East Asian countries need to find ways to substantially increase grain production and protect new varieties of agricultural plants, participants at an ongoing East Asia Forum on Agricultural Technology and Cooperation in Beijing said on Tuesday.
China a Likely Major Driving Force in Asian Biotech Industry
China is likely to become a major driving force in the biotechnology industry in Asia, an international forum was told at its opening in Taiiwan Monday.
Beijing Welcomes International Food Giants
Jia Qinglin, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, said the city welcomed international food giants.
Telecom Giant to Expand in US
China Telecom, the country's fixed-line telecom giant will open its US branch to further expand its business in the international market, company executives said yesterday.
Experts Call for Financial Reform
Foreign financial institutions are enthusiastic about China's financial market while some uncertainties have aroused concern among market players.
Sino-Singapore Venture Promotes Logistics
APL Logistics (APLL), the logistics arm of the Singapore-based NOL Group, a global transportation and logistics company engaged in shipping, signed a shareholding agreement with Legend Group Holdings Co on Monday to create a joint venture in Beijing.
Foreign-funded Company Approved to Take Holdings of Chinese Pier
The ban that allowed no foreign-funded companies to take holdings of Chinese wharf was for the first time broken up by the Huijian Wharf Com., Ltd. of Xiangyu Bonded Area in Xiamen (Amoy), Fujian Province.