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Group Discussions of CPPCC Members to Be Held on March 5 and March 6
World Bank President Speaks at Peking University
Visiting World Bank Group President James D. Wolfensohn delivered a keynote speech entitled 揑mplementing a Global Partnership for Poverty Reduction�to students and faculty members at Peking University Wednesday afternoon. Following is the full text of his speech:
Development Gateway -- A Place to Put Knowledge and Ideas Together
揊or years, knowledge and information throughout the world have been localized. And local knowledge is so critical, not only for the people who live in the countries, but also for those in other parts of the world who can gain and benefit from the value that knowledge exchange can bring,�said James D. Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank Group, at the signing ceremony to welcome China as a founding member of the Development Gateway Foundation, and to Launch the China Development Gateway.
Internet Portal to Help Narrow Digital Divide, Finance Minister Says
Projects like the China Development Gateway inaugurated today by the World Bank and the China Internet Information Center will help narrow the digital divide and increase cooperation between developing countries, according to Xiang Huaicheng, Minister of Finance.
Building International Communication and Cooperation Through the China Development Gateway
Cai Mingzhao, vice minister of the State Council Information Office, while addressing the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on China抯 joining the Development Gateway Foundation and the press conference for launching the China Development Gateway on May 28, hailed the event as a new cooperation opportunity between China and the World Bank. The full text of his speech follows:
Mail Competition Both Good and Bad
China's relatively fragile express delivery companies are bracing themselves for the inevitable blow from worldwide competition, following the country's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
China and the US: A Unique Relationship
The relationship between China, one of the oldest civilizations with the biggest population, and the United States, one of the youngest civilizations with the strongest economy, is significant not only for the two peoples but also for the future of the whole world. Zhu Shida, a researcher with the Institute of American Studies under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, analyzes in this article the factors influencing the Sino-US ties, the cultural or ideological factors in particular.
Real WTO Challenges for China Will Be Cultural, Economics Professor Says
Much talk can be heard in China about the economic advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and challenges of China抯 entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), but not much on the potential impact on Chinese society and its thinking. However, the social challenges China will face would seem to be far more important than economic ones, according to Feng Yuzhong, former president of Liaoning University, professor in economics and advisor to America Biography Institute, who attended the annual session of the Ninth National People抯 Congress in Beijing.
Traffic Congestion in Beijing: What to Do?
Traffic congestion is a big problem in Beijing, a problem that can only grow with automobiles increasing by 10 percent annually and roads being extended by only 2 percent. With this in mind, www.china.org.cn interviewed Zhang Jianfei, a member of the Chinese People抯 Political Consultative Conference and also vice-president of Plan and Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications, who put forward his own proposals on how to deal with the traffic problems in Beijing.
Unawarded First Prize, Positive or Negative?
While the five-million-yuan state preeminent science and technology award caught the nation's attention, China's scientific circles were more concerned about the unattributed first prizes of other state awards.
Japanese Yen's Devaluation Hurts Neighbours: Experts
What an exchange rate is to be had by Japanese yen has caused no small concern to people for it not only points to economic sluggishness but also a bleary uncertain prospect of the Japanese economy. Japan's policy is to blame for bent long it has been on having depreciated yen. Still, going around on world markets there is the saying that tacit agreement has been reached among some big economic powers to a big value cut of Japanese yen.
Commentary: Injecting Fresh Vigor into World Economy
Shanghai in October once again becomes a place that attracts world attention: As the APEC informal senior officials meeting just closed, two-ministers meeting, the summit of industrial and commercial leaders, the industrial and commercial consultation council meeting, and the ninth informal meeting of leaders will begin one after another. As an important grand meeting in the APEC historical process, by then it will see leaders and officials of 21 economic entities gather together in Shanghai to discuss matters of paramount importance concerning Asia-Pacific economic cooperation and development.
Commentary: Promoting APEC Development on "Two Wheels"
On the global economic map, the region of the Pacific rim is undoubtedly the most dynamic plate nowadays. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC for short), as a regional economic cooperation organization in the region with the most member countries, of the largest scale and at the highest level, has played an irreplaceable role there.
Peaceful Solution Benefits Both Sides
On Wednesday, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Arafat reached an agreement on sustaining a ceasefire on the ground, a glimmer of hope that the two sides have finally become sick of the heavy losses. However, as experience has proved in the year-old violence, it is doubtful whether the ceasefire will hold for a long time, or even if it is successful, and whether the two sides could return to negotiations and finally settle their differences.
Terrorist Attack on US: Turning-Point in Post-Cold War Pattern
The event of terrorists launching an unprecedented attack on the United States is attracting the attention of the world's people and has aroused their deep thinking.
India Needs to Eliminate 'Anxiety About China'
For a long time, some top Indian personages, while formulating diplomatic and defense policies, have invariably been influenced by what Indian media called "anxiety about China" factor. Such view and psyche have an audience in India's think-tank and many media. Actually, it's some western media that created rumors that had bad influence on India. India's "anxiety about China" has no base as well as necessity.
Jiang's DPRK Visit Yields Major Influence on Northeast Asian Strategic Pattern
A signed article carried in Hong Kong-based Wen Wai Pao on September 4 points out that Jiang Zemin's visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is both an inheritance and development of the traditional friendship and a push to the relations of cooperation between the two sides in the 21st century.
Media Have a Duty to Uncover Accidents: Opinion
China’s news media recently have played a great role in exposing some serious accidents and helping authorities investigate those accidents. Some people have held that this frequent exposure of accidents could cause instability in local communities and weaken the prestige of the Party and government. But, in the eyes of this People’s Daily editorial, that view is only a pretext behind which troublemakers, criminals -- and even some individual officials who want to shirk their responsibility – can hide.

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