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Wei Minzhi: Movie Acting Changed Her Life
Eight years ago, the village girl, Wei Minzhi, from Hebei Province became world-famous overnight for the role she played in a film directed by Zhang Yimou, Not One Less (Yi Ge Dou Bu Neng Shao). However, Wei has not appeared in many movies since then.
Lu Qin: Enjoys Being Children's Intimate Friend
Lu Qin is the associate editor-in-chief of Chinese Teenagers News and is better known as nationwide "Zhi Xin Jie Jie" (literally "your intimate sister who can have a heart-to-heart talk with you").
Mother of Mercy's Ray of Hope
Only a few days before Mother's Day, a teenager from Henan Province was doing what millions of youngsters around the world were doing writing on a card about how much he loved his mom.
Making A Difference
Advancing the cause of women's rights and legal justice, Guo Jianmei regards herself as a lonely idealist, but one who remains optimistic nonetheless. The past 12 years could not have been busier or more meaningful for Guo, the founder of China's first nongovernmental organization (NGO) to provide legal aid for women-the Center for Women's Law Studies & Legal Services of Peking University.
Hou Jingjing: A PhD in a Wheelchair
The result of China's Ten Most Outstanding Women of 2006 was unveiled recently and Hou Jingjing, a teacher at the School of Education and Science, Nanjing Normal University, was honored as one of the "Top Ten". As a handicapped person with paralysis of the legs, Hou persisted in teaching herself to become China's first "Doctorate in a Wheelchair".
1st Female Chief Scientist Conducts Maritime Research
The scientific research ship Dayang Yihao (Ocean No.1) set off on Monday from the eastern coastal city of Qingdao. The occasion is worth marking since part of the trip will be led by Han Xiqiu, an ocean scientist and China's first female chief scientist for maritime exploration.
Tie Ning's Rise To Glory Sparks Debate
Chinese writers seldom become hot topics, however the election of the new president for the Chinese Writers Association has caused a stir. Tie Ning, 49, became the first woman and youngest president elected in the association's 57 year history, when the seventh congress of the association convened in Beijing on Sunday.
Margaret Chan Nominated as Next WHO Chief
The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday nominated Dr Margaret Chan, former health chief of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, as its next director-general.
Female Entrepreneur Tops China's Rich List
Zhang Yin, 49-year-old founder and chairwoman of Guangdong-based Nine Dragons Paper Industries Co. Ltd., has topped a list of China's richest people having amassed a fortune of 27 billion yuan (US$3.375 billion). It's the first time a woman has headed the list.
War Heroine Nursed Secret for Decades
The story of Rita Wong, the only Chinese nurse at the hospital for the Flying Tigers, could be one of the most touching tales of World War II.
Widow of Late Chinese President Devoted to Helping Poor Mothers
Wang Guangmei, widow of late Chinese President Liu Shaoqi has been devoted to charity activities as the chairperson of the executive board of the Project Happiness.
From Weaver to Vice President of CAST
Chen Saijuan was elected vice president of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST), the country's largest science organization, at its seventh national congress which concluded on May 26 in Beijing.
'Inequality in Jobs Still a Serious Issue'
As president of the All-China Women's Federation and vice-chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Gu Xiulian, 69, keeps a close eye on the year-to-year headway that women across China are making to attain equal status with men in all walks of life.
Dai Ailian: Mother of Chinese Modern Dance
Dai Ailian, the Trinidad-born Chinese ballerina who had devoted all her life to Chinese dance and was dubbed "Mother of Chinese Dance," died of illness last Thursday in Beijing.
Women Seize Their Destiny in 'Paradise for Adventurers'
Under the pens of some famous novelists, women in Shanghai are portrayed as having weak characters, without enough courage or independence to make a living on their own. But not to novelist Hong Ying, who defies the stereotypes with her two new novels about Shanghai.
Woman's Crusade to Save Homeless Pets
For the past 10 years Zhang Luping has dedicated her life to helping abandoned animals. And she has also been a leading figure in pushing for the protection of animals by law.
Dong Mingxia: 'Miserable Spiritual Traveler'
Dong Mingxia, a female prize-winning writer is preparing for her next novel by working as a housemaid to add to her life experience. She calls herself a "miserable spiritual traveler".
Can Xue
Can Xue was born in 1953 and brought up by her somewhat squeamish grandma who also had some strange habits. The unusual life experiences left Can Xue with special characteristics.
Pandas Are Her Thing
Winning the "Chinese Young Women in Science Fellowship" yesterday in Beijing adds a new honor to the career of Dr Lu Zhi, professor of conservation biology at Peking University.
Writer Yi Shu
Dubbed Three Miracles in HK's literary circles, romantic stories by Yi Shu, martial art novels by Jin Yong and science fictions by Ni Kuang have enjoyed unbelievable popularity for decades among all the Chinese people. As a female writer, Yi Shu stands out with her romantic but sober stories and concise and fashionable style.
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