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China's Michael Jordan, Volleyball Superstar - Lang Ping
Lang Ping, a symbol of an era and the spirit of China, has become deeply rooted in the minds of generations of fans.
Wang Anyi - a Female Writer of Constant Innovations
Born in 1954, Wang Anyi is one of contemporary China's most influential and innovative writers. Wang is currently the chairperson of the Shanghai Writers' Association. She has written more than five million Chinese characters, winning important awards from both home and abroad dozens of times.
Leung Fungyee, a Legendary Businesswoman
Most people know Leung Fungyee, president of Qin Jia Yuan Media Service Co., as a prolific author of business-centric novels, but Leung herself feels she is first and foremost a businesswoman.
Chen Danyan and Her Shanghai Princess
She was once a favorite writer for China's children, but today she's an adult's author, who writes true stories of old Shanghai. Chen Danyan, a Shanghai writer takes us back to the dramatic times of last century's Shanghai with her book Shanghai Princess, part of a whole series of works that she's devoted to the Shanghai theme.
Zhang Ziyi: All I Wanted Is a Hug
"My success was not by chance, instead, it's paved by hard work, pains and tears," said Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi said Wednesday.
Singing the Highs and Lows
Soprano Xu Jing's life has been filled with luck and misfortune, a contradictory combination of glamour and gloom, struggle and serenity.
Comedienne Dies from Heart Attack
Gao Xiumin, one of the most popular comedians on television in China, died of a sudden heart attack on August 18 in her home in Changchun, capital of Northeast China's Jilin Province.
'Opera Is Larger Than Sky'
More than a year after the death of Henan opera legend Chang Xiangyu, a signed letter written by the star before her death has been revealed to the public, which states her wish that her granddaughter -- Henan opera actress Chen Bailing -- be forbidden from using the "Xiao Xiangyu" stage name, which by tradition she has inherited from Chang.
Art Class Tailored for Poverty-stricken Children
A bunch of straw in hand, 12-year-old Wu Qunmin sat at a wooden desk in a poorly-equipped classroom and worked on a little horse made of straw.
Yue Meiti: Passing on Kunqu Tradition to New Generation
Blessed with a dazzling androgynous beauty, Yue Meiti --probably the most influential "female Adam" in the history of Kunqu -- portrayed young male scholars as handsome as they are cultured and refined.
Artist Ascending
Painter Liu Xiuming's use of color reflects the range of her personal spiritual capacity, while the oft-visited subject of her painting, too, has a spiritual, dreamlike and fantastic quality.
Song Xiuyan Elected Qinghai Governor
Song Xiuyan, 49, was elected governor of Qinghai Province on Saturday, becoming only the second female governor in China since 1949. Song, born in North China's Tianjin Municipality, has been working in Qinghai for more than 30 years.
Wu Yi No. 2 on Forbes' Top Women List
Vice Premier Wu Yi is the world's second most powerful woman, just after US national security advisor Condoleezza Rice and ahead of Sonia Gandhi and Laura Bush, according to the September 6 issue of Forbes. The magazine's list of the world's top 100 women also includes three leading Chinese women.
Now, I'll Take Your Questions
She enjoys shopping for clothes, and the habit comes in handy for her occupation. She likes to experiment with cooking recipes, yet she has to tone down her innovative spirit when dealing with job-related details. She is Zhang Qiyue, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Retired Woman Diplomat's Life Attracts Readers
Zhang Hanzhi's name is closely linked to the history of the People's Republic of China for her contributions as one of the finest first-generation diplomats.
Gu Xiulian Elected New President of All-China Women's Federation
Gu Xiulian, vice chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the 10th Chinese National People's Congress (NPC), was elected president of the All-China Women's Federation at the first meeting of the committee August 25.
Hua Jiang: Kofi Annan's Chinese Spokeswoman
Hua Jiang, a woman born in northeast China, is the deputy spokeswoman of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. While her success and charisma attract increasing attention worldwide, she says she is a common woman far from success.
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