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A woman who cried for justice
Today, the world remembers Iris Chang as a champion for justice, because Iris Chang refused to let the world forget injustice. But while most people know about Japan's brutal 1937 invasion of Nanking (Nanjing) through her work, few know much about the young Chinese American author who struggled to ensure its 300,000 victims didn't fade into obscurity.
Chinese-Swedish woman returns to Ningbo roots
A Chinese-Swedish woman, Zhang Xiue, has built a popular old people's home in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.
Year of Pig leads to spike in birthrate
After more than a decade of low birthrates, Shanghai is now expecting a mini baby boom, officials said yesterday.
Fewer and fewer Chinese girls play football
The average number of Chinese girls in a football school sharply decreased from 150 to 50 in recent years, shaking the foundation of the national team, which had ever been one of the world's best.
More Chinese women getting breast cancer
A growing number of Chinese women are suffering from breast cancer due to unhealthy diets, a poor environment and increased stress at work, experts have said.
Baby boom forecast in Shanghai
Pudong district, which has the city's largest floating population, will experience a baby boom starting next year, officials have said.
One-legged gymnast fosters new champions
Former gymnastic champion Wang Qihong lost her right leg more than 14 years ago as a result of bone cancer, but she has never lost her enthusiasm for sport. In fact, she became even more passionate about artistic gymnastics.
Jiang'er Rehati: The midwife who loves babies
Jiang'er once said to her colleagues, "To a doctor, the greatest concern is the life and health of the patients." She practices what she preaches.
Law said to protect women from prejudice
A new law outlining specific jobs not suitable for women is aimed at curbing employment discrimination, a senior labor official said.
Why Gender Issues Are Causing Science Friction
Women scientists from the developing world gathered recently in Beijing to discuss at the International Workshop on Women for Science the obstacles and unfair treatment they face in their careers.
Survey: Single Women Prefer to Marry 30-Year-Old Men
Men around 30 years old are more popular among single women than those at other age level, according to a survey conducted by Beijing Normal University, CCW Research and a friend-making Website, the Beijing Morning Post reported today.
Mums-to-be Suck When They Sit down to Eat
Nearly all pregnant women in China have an unhealthy diet, according to a survey released by experts from China Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the city Friday.
Wu No. 2 Among Powerful Women
Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi ranked No. 2 on the Forbes magazine list of the World's Most Powerful Women.
Work Woes Lead Women to Light up
An online survey of about 200 local female smokers found the main trigger for them to light up was to ease work pressure, although all smokers were aware of the harm.
Poll: Women Not Fully Aware of Contraception
Despite being increasingly open-minded about sex, Hong Kong women are still not fully informed about contraception, according to the results of a survey by the University of Hong Kong (HKU).
Wives Happy to Live Apart: Report
Despite living apart from their husbands, more than half the "left-behind" women in Guangdong say they have a happy marriage, a report has said.
Office Workers Go to Great Lengths for Stress Relief
Stressed out white-collar workers are scaling skyscrapers, camping out on rooftops, smashing up restaurants, pretending to be children and even visiting cemeteries in a bid to relieve the pressure of modern life.
One Third Chinese Scientists Are Women
Women constitute more than one third of scientists in China, according to an international seminar on women in science recently held in Beijing.
Marry Later, But Pay Now
Couples planning to get married next year should book early because food prices and other costs are shooting up. The Shanghai Really Wedding Service Company said more than 20 couples have already booked the service for next May Day holiday.
What Women Want
Female members of China's online community have crossed 57.1 million - equal to the total population of the United Kingdom - some 41.7 percent of all those surfing the Internet in the nation.

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