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Women and Family

Counselors Practice How to Rescue Marriages
The growing demand for marriage counselors in Shanghai has led to the creation of a special training school for people interested in saving marriages.
Job Important, But Rich Husband Will Do Nicely
Having a good job is pretty important to many women - that is unless they can find a wealthy husband to look after them.
Survey: Single Women Prefer to Marry 30-Year-Old Men
Men around 30 years old are more popular among single women than those at other age level, according to a survey conducted by Beijing Normal University, CCW Research and a friend-making Website, the Beijing Morning Post reported today.
Wives Happy to Live Apart: Report
Despite living apart from their husbands, more than half the "left-behind" women in Guangdong say they have a happy marriage, a report has said.
Chinese Have New View of Marriage
Some 50 years ago, most Chinese believed marriage should be the most important issue in life, no matter the two loved each other or not. However, today, love and sex play a more important role than marriage, particularly among young people.
Sisters Doing It for Themselves
A recent survey of some 1,000 women office workers in Beijing found that 60 percent of them would consider it boring "to face the same husband every day" and to "perform the role of a housewife".
More HK Women Find Mr. Right Across Border
An increasing number of Hong Kong women, especially single young white-collar workers, are looking across the border to search for future husbands, the Southern Metropolis Daily said Sunday.
Abuse Plagues Cross-border Marriages
The number of marriages between men from Hong Kong and women from the mainland is on the increase, but so too are the reported cases of spousal abuse.
White-collar Women Troubled by Marriage Problem
They look beautiful and are regarded as white collars having a nice job in offices. Most of them have a good educational background. However, when talking about marriage, they are not as happy as they appear to be. Although entering into their 30s, most of them still remain single.
Wonder Women
There is a dichotomy of stereotypes of Chinese businesswomen. These women are usually believed to either be tough, aggressive females who've sacrificed family for career, or, they are viewed as maternal figures in the workplace who nurture staff and clientele. But according to two recent studies, both of these typecasts are inaccurate.
Mixed Marriages, Divorce on the rise
The number of marriages between Chinese people and foreigners is on the increase, but so too is the rate at which they are getting divorced.
Mother and Daughter Work to Overcome Disability
"My name is Zhang Bingyu. I'm 14 years old, and I am studying in Changzhou International School." Hearing those clearly pronounced English words, few people would guess they had come from a girl born with a major hearing disability.
"Pea Princess" Loses Her Mr. Right Just a Month After Marriage
A 1.28-meter tall woman and a 1.70-meter tall man got married this February. In many people's eyes, they represent an impossible fairytale in the real world. But, just one month after the couple's wedding, the "Pea Princess" seems to have been abandoned by her husband.
Woman with Only 1 Husband Guilty of Polygamy
A 30-year-old woman from Hubei Province was sentenced to 18 months in jail for polygamy even though she never legally married her second "husband."
More Women Interested in Freezing Eggs
As China embraces female emancipation, more women appear to be expressing interest in postponing pregnancy by having their eggs frozen as they pursue careers and enjoy the independence of youth.
PLA Hires Marriage Counselors for Soldiers
China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) is to hire 60 marriage counselors for the soldiers and their spouses in the Beijing Military Area Command.
HK Women Seeking Help from Agency Doubles
Twice as many Hong Kong women sought help from Caritas, a Catholic family service, in November and December after media reported two cases of domestic violence in which two women were killed.
70% Divorced Chinese Feel Regret
Do couples who feel imprisoned by wedlock and who yearn to recover their "freedom" get what they want? A recent report shows that about 70 percent of divorced Chinese couples regret their decision to divorce.
'Divorce Companies' Enjoy Brisk Trade
China's ever-expanding divorce rate has nurtured the growth of a whole industry claiming to specialize in the business of breaking up.
Rising Number of Female Abusers in Hong Kong
Domestic violence has been hobbling Hong Kong despite state and private efforts to root out this social problem. Surprisingly, it's not the men who are getting more violent, since last year's statistics show an increasing number of female abusers.

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