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Charity Project Benefits Tibetan Farmers, Herdsmen
More than 36,000 farmers and herdsmen in the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China had been able to fetch water for daily life more easily in the past five years, thanks to the implementation of a national charity project that provides water storage cellars in the country's poor, dry areas.
W. China Women Learn How to Prevent Hepatitis B
China has started a two-year educational program aimed at preventing the spread of Hepatitis B from mother to child in four counties of west China's Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. The US$200,000 program is the first to be carried out in China's rural areas for women of childbearing age.
Action 120: Maternal and Infant Project
Program Helps Rural Women Avoid DIY Childbirth at Home
Small Loans Help Women Shake off Poverty
Actions Initiated by the All-China Women's Federation
Spring Bud Project
Happiness Project

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