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Working with the World Bank
International Assistance for New Railway Projects
Global Trade Financing Deal Signed
WB Assists Sichuan in Urban Function Improving
WB to Lend China US$4.5 Bln Over Three Years
WB Sees China's Economy Grow 10.4% This Year
WB Gives Loan of US$1.455 Bln to China in Past Year
World Bank Assists with Toxic Pollutants
WB Offers Loan to Water Project in Henan
WB Loan for Water Supply, Sanitation Projects
China Receives US$30 Mln Loan for Economic Reforms
Chinese Gov't Urged to Address Urban Transport Problems
WB to Lend China US$1.5 Bln Yearly Until 2010
IFC Offers US$50 Mln Loan to Chinese Cement Producer
IFC Loans for Clean Power Plant Project in SW China
WB Releases China Quarterly Update in Beijing
WB Offers US$100 Mln Loan to China to Stop Soil Erosion
WB Loan to Help Institutional Capacity Building for Further Reforms
WB Announces Strategy to Combat Corruption
WB Funds China's Ecologically-friendly Cities
WB-financed Poverty Relief Program Starts in Guangxi
WB to Finance Environmental Protection in Shandong
WB Report: Benign Outlook But Structural Problems Remain
China Increasing Its Use of Renewable Energy as Power Demand Grows
Bank Approves US$100 Million to Improve Lives
WB to Fund Highway Projects in Guiyang
3.61 Million Rural Residents Benefit from WB Program
WB Welcomes China's Improved GDP Data
World Bank Assists Fuzhou in Transport Infrastructure
WB to Fund Carbon-dioxide-discharge Reduction Project in Shanghai
Migration Can Deliver Welfare Gains, Reduce Poverty
Migration Can Deliver Welfare Gains, Reduce Poverty
WB Loans Used to Build Highways in Xinjiang
100 Finalists for the China Development Marketplace Announced
Premier Vows to Better World Bank Links
Wolfowitz Praises Accomplishments of Poorest
Viewing China from Both Sides
Wolfowitz to Visit World Bank Projects
WB Chief on China Visit
World Bank President to Visit China
Strong Leadership in the Developing World Vital to Cut Poverty
World Bank Issues 2006 World Development Report
China Quarterly Update -- August 2005
World Bank Joins Italy in Supporting China's Circular Economy
WB: Lending Rises, Quality Remains High
WB Approves Two New Projects for China
WB Helps China Scale up Use of Renewable Energy
World Bank Officials Visit CIIC
China Development Marketplace Launched
World Faces Pensions Crunch, Reforms Unavoidable
WB Releases New Governance Indicators for 209 Countries
World Bank Ups East Asia Forecast
China Quarterly Update -- April 2005
East Asian Economy Set to Grow by 6 Percent in 2005
Degrading Environment Threatens Health in East Asia: Reports
World Bank Releases Development Indicators
Action Urged to Cut Global Poverty
World Bank Project Reduces Soil Erosion
WB Report: Developing Country Growth Fastest in 30 Years
WB Approves Wolfowitz to Be New President
WB to Launch Global Development Finance 2005
Rough Road to the Top
WB Assists Ningbo to Improve Water Services
World Bank: US$1 Trillion Needed for E. Asia's Infrastructure
WB Helps Inner Mongolia Facilitate Cross-border Trade
World Bank: Demand Cooling Off
China Quarterly Update -- February 2005
WB President Visits Maldives
WB: Agricultural Trade Reforms Key to Reducing Poverty
World Bank President Visits Aceh; Announces New Reconstruction Efforts
World Bank President Visits Sri Lanka Disaster-Affected Areas, Promises Full Support
WB President Calls for Partnership
World Bank President Attending Tsunami Summit
WB Commits US$250m for Tsunami-hit Countries
World Bank President Issues Statement on Asia's Earthquake and Tsunamis
World Bank Vows to Work with China to Fight Poverty
Coalmine Methane Emissions Targeted
RTAs Must Create Trade to Reduce Poverty: WB Report
East Asia Region to Grow by 7% in 2004
Wiping Out Poverty Galvanizes Nation
WB Launches Responsible Growth for the New Millennium

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Developing modern agriculture is the Chinese government's top priority in building a new socialist countryside, according to a document jointly released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council.
Eighteen children pose for a picture at a village in Ziyun Miao and Buyi Autonomous County in Guizhou Province, January 22. Among them, twelve children's parents left the village to work in big cities in coastal areas.
Chinese farmers saw their net incomes grow to 3,587 yuan ($460) last year, representing the third consecutive year of 6 percent year-on-year growth.
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