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Tackling Rural Poverty
Farmers' Income Grows 11.4% in First Nine Months
Ecological Compensation Urged for Western Farmers
Gov't to Help 148,000 Villages Out of Poverty in 5 Years
China to Reward Farmers for Having Fewer Children
China's Largest Property Insurer to Set Up Agriculture Arm
China Makes Strides in Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas
China Sets Target for 'Super Wheat' Breeding
Henan Banks on Abundant Grain Output
For the Poor, Special Treatment
Another 2,000 Villagers to Take Blood Lead Level Test in NW China
Vice Premier Urges Modernization of Agriculture
50 Mln People in China Still Lack Access to TV
200,000 Bookstores to Be Set up for Farmers by 2010
Rural Medical System Covers Nearly Half of Farmers
Rural Tourism Helps Poverty Alleviation in China
Left-behind Children Cause Concern
Measures Taken to Increase Arable Land
Less Fiscal Expenditure Goes to Farmers in 2005
China's Poverty Line Is Too Low: Official
100 Mln People Lifted Out of Poverty in China in 20 Years
Water Pollution Study Keeps Innovation in Mind
Low Income, Poverty and Aging - Rural Difficulties
China to Launch Second National Land Survey
Road Leads Poor Villages to Prosperity
Resettled Farmers to Get Financial Support
New Rules Hit Agricultural Exports
Chinese Bank Sees Chances in 'New Countryside' Initiative
China Aims to Raise Grain Output and Farm Incomes
Mainland Market Ripe for Taiwan Farmers
Taiwan Work Office to Hold Agriculture Forum
Farmers' Income Growth Set to Slow in Second Half Year
New Roads Transform Lives in Rural Areas
Law Adds Transparency to Land Transaction
China to Boost Rural Financial Reforms
300 Mln Farmers Will Migrate to Cities in 20 Years
Large Taiwan Tea Farm Set up on Mainland
Illegal Land Use Must Be Controlled: Premier
China Kicks off Program to Build Village Libraries for 900 Mln Farmers
Cash Income of Chinese Farmers Up 11.9%
Inspectors to Stem Loss of Farmland
Farmers Benefit from Medical Project
Agriculture Tourism to Create 350,000 Jobs a Year in China
China's Farm Produce Price Down 1% in First Half
China Cracks Down on Fake Farm Goods
Top Advisor Stresses Faster Development of Ethnic Groups
Official Says China Faces 'Serious' Soil Pollution
Premier Wen Calls for Protection of Farmers' Incomes
Rural Commercial Bank Promises More Loans to SMEs
Farmers Encouraged to Set up Economic Cooperatives
Rabobank, IFC Acquire First Stakes in Chinese Rural Cooperative Bank
College Students Embark on 'New Countryside' Construction Drive
Party Promotes Effort to Improve Farmers' Lives
This Farmer Grows Robots
Science and Technology to Play Bigger Role in China's Agriculture
Quality of China's Agricultural Products Improved
China to Invest 50 Bln Yuan in Rural Projects
Cultivated Land Continues to Disappear
Gov't to Push Forward Rural Taxation Reform
Gov't Sets 7% Annual Growth Rate for Farm Produce Export
China's Grain Production Expected to Increase This Year
Central Budget Increases Investment in Farming to US$37 Bln
Vice Premier Stresses Strict Land Management
Chinese Official Calls for More Subsidies to Grain Growers
Droughts Root of Poverty
Rural Roads Plan to Link Remote Villages
Hu Emphasizes Change of Growth Pattern
China to Invest 17.5 Bln Yuan in Rural Road Construction
China to Reform Agricultural Tech Promotion Program
Building New Villages the S. Korean Way
China Offers Grain Growers 51.5 Bln Yuan
Over 60% of Land Use in Chinese Cities Illegal
China Solves Insecurity in Drinking Water
Chinese Mainland Opens 'Green Channel' for Taiwan Farm Produce
China's Top Advisory Body to Discuss Rural Construction, Innovation
Beijing to Abolish Traditional Plough Farming in 3 Years
China Urges Farmers to Raise Export Production Standards
Anti-poverty Project Improves Village Life
Farmers Encouraged to Start Business
China Pledges Greater Efforts in Poverty Elimination in Next Five Years
Plan for Disabled People Outlined

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Developing modern agriculture is the Chinese government's top priority in building a new socialist countryside, according to a document jointly released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council.
Eighteen children pose for a picture at a village in Ziyun Miao and Buyi Autonomous County in Guizhou Province, January 22. Among them, twelve children's parents left the village to work in big cities in coastal areas.
Chinese farmers saw their net incomes grow to 3,587 yuan ($460) last year, representing the third consecutive year of 6 percent year-on-year growth.
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