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Disaster Prevention & Relief
Tibet Innovates to Eradicate Poverty
Gov't to Rebuild 2 Mln Houses Destroyed by Disasters
E China Province Gripped by Drought
Geological Disasters Up 449% in First Nine Months of 2006
China Prepares to Improve Disaster Response and Relief Capability
Natural Disasters Kill 2,309 in First Nine Months
China Shuts Down 213 Factories for Heavy Pollution
Forest Fire in Inner Mongolia Extinguished
Experts Say China Must Boost Ability to Combat Disasters
New Oceanic Satellite to Be Put Into Orbit
Acid Rain Affects Huge Areas of China
Songhua Tributary Slick Less Severe Than Feared
Drought Hits Grain Harvest
China to Launch 3 Satellites for Disaster-monitoring Next Year
Typhoon-hit Provinces Recovering
Rain Spells Hope of End to Sichuan Drought
Struggle for Survival in Parched Chongqing
Death Toll of Saomai Rises to 330 in China
Water Shortages Faced by 18m
China Allocates Disaster Relief Funds
Death Toll of Saomai Rises to 325 in China
Death Toll of Saomai Rises to 319
Drought Hit China, Leaving One Dead, Millions Thirsty
Chemical Plant Explosion Kills 3 in NE China
Death Toll from Saomai Rises to 295
Yangtze River Suffers Rare Drought in Flood Season
Vice Premier Stresses Importance of Typhoon Rescue-Relief Work
Drought Strikes Sichuan, Millions Affected
Typhoon Saomai Makes Landfall
Premier Wen on Fighting Severe Droughts in Some Areas
East China Braces for Typhoon
Saomai Likely to Make Landfall, Bopha to Follow
Hubei Endures Dual Torments by Floods And Droughts
Death Toll from Prapiroon Rises to 80
New Typhoon Heading for SE China
Death Toll in Tropical Storm Prapiroon Rises to 77 in China
Over 2 Mln in Sichuan Short of Drinking Water
Death Toll in Typhoon Prapiroon Rises to 55 in China
Typhoon Prapiroon Hits Guangdong
Sulfur Dioxide Discharge in 2005 Hits 25.49 Mln Tons
Another Typhoon Heading for South China
US$19 Bln to Enhance Flood Control on Huaihe River
Drought Affecting 5 Mln Across China
Yellow River Water Use to Be Regulated
Coal Mine Blast Kills 11 Workers
200,000 Yuan Compensation for Chemical Blast Victims
Underground Bunker to Accommodate 200,000 People
Typhoons Cause Havoc to Inland Farmers
China to Set up Natural Catastrophe Insurance System
Ceremony Marks Tangshan Earthquake
Kaemi Update: Typhoon Leaves 32 Dead, 65 Missing
Continuous Rain Eases Beijing's 7-year Drought
Tangshan Earthquake -- 30 Years' Sorrow
Typhoon Kaemi Leaves 9 Dead, 21 Missing
Countryside Houses to Be Reinforced for Quakes
500,000 Evacuated as Kaemi Makes Landfall
All Chinese Cities to Have Sewage Treatment Plants by 2010
Drought Affects Thousands in China's Inner Mongolia
3,000 Armed Police Called in for Kaemi Operations
New System to Warn of Tsunamis
Wen Stresses Reconstruction in Storm-raked Areas
Vice Premier Calls for Concerted Efforts in Flood Control
Bilis Death Toll Rises to 228
53 Confirmed Dead in N. China Colliery Blast
Death Toll Inflicted by Tropical Storm Keeps Rising in China
Earthquake Jolts NW China
Thousands of Prisoners Rescued from Bilis Storm
Typhoon Bilis China Death Toll Rises to 198
Thousands Evacuated from Flooded Railway
Death Toll of Tropical Storm Bilis Rises to 170 in China
Typhoon Death Toll Rises to 115
Typhoon Bilis Hits Fujian
10 Miners Rescued, 2 Still Missing in N. China Coal Mine Flooding
Health Ministry Urges Timely Report of Emergency Response
China Allocates Relief Funds to Flood-hit South
7 killed, 1.4 Mln People Affected in S. China Region Rainstorm
China's Forest Shelter Project Dubbed 'Green Great Wall'
Harbin Blacklists Top River Polluters
Death Toll Rises to 49 in Shanxi Explosion
Floods, Landslides Kill 26, Injure Dozens Across China

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Developing modern agriculture is the Chinese government's top priority in building a new socialist countryside, according to a document jointly released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council.
Eighteen children pose for a picture at a village in Ziyun Miao and Buyi Autonomous County in Guizhou Province, January 22. Among them, twelve children's parents left the village to work in big cities in coastal areas.
Chinese farmers saw their net incomes grow to 3,587 yuan ($460) last year, representing the third consecutive year of 6 percent year-on-year growth.
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