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Urban Issues
Urban Migration to Get a Boost
Program Launched to Extend Medical Insurance
End in Sight for Poverty in Beijing-Tianjin Belt
Urbanites Employment Creates 11.84m Record
Bad Urban Planning Scrutinized in Cloud of Dust
30% of Urban Jobless Are Youth Under 35
Digital Divide Between Urban, Rural Areas to Be Bridged
Shanghai's Youth Care for Their Parents
China to Continue Efforts to Rein in Rising Housing Prices
Urbanization Drive Gains Momentum
Macao to See Rise in Aged Population
Low Income Groups Given Free Medication in Shanghai
Social Security Coverage Extended
Vice Premier Urges Improvement of Social Security System
China to Create Easy Access Environment for Senior Citizens
Medicare Insurance to Cover 300 Mln Urban Residents
Charity Supermarkets: A New Approach to Poverty Relief
Economic Growth Does Not Solve Unemployment, Official
Low-income Housing Planned in Shenzhen
Recruitment of Volunteers Kicks off
HK Tycoon Pledges to Donate Money for Charity Purpose
China Expects Communities to Take More Care of Elderly People
China to Lose Labor Force Advantage as Result of Aging Society
Chinese Women from Only-child Families Afraid of Childbirth
Population Change May Lead to Drop in House Prices
Macao Sees Drop in Unemployment in Q2
Fast Urbanization Dumps Garbage in Chinese Cities
Macao Drafts New Law to Better Protect Laborers' Rights
China's Trade Unions Can Do a Better Job, Survey Finds
US Cutting Tool Maker Promises 400 Jobs in New Tianjin Factory
Willing But Better Skills Needed
Wal-Mart Offers Talks on Union Formation
2006 Will See Millions of New Jobs
Exhibition of Achievement for Enterprises Run by the Disabled
Social Security System Requires Improvement
China Promotes Girls to Avoid Glut of Bachelors
Tianjin Urged to Curb Population Growth
Wal-Mart Workers Establish 3rd Trade Union
Workers Angry as Firm Bends Pay Rules
Graduates Face Serious Employment Situation
Housing for Low-income People to Be Improved
Guangzhou Incomes Up 8% in First Half
'Seeing Shoes' Threaten Guide Dogs' Jobs
China Keeps on Fighting Against Selective Abortions
House Sales Go Through the Roof Ahead of Deadline
Living Space Shrinks as Collective Rent Grows
Unemployment Rate in China Remains Stable at 4.2%
Income Tax Cuts in for Second-hand Houses
Int'l Loan for Pollution Treatment in SW China Scenic Lake
Insurance Firms Failing to Support Disabled
Vice Premier Urges Efforts to Curb Water Pollution
China to Remain Aging Society in 21st Century
China to Spend Heavily on Waste Treatment and Recycling
HK Sees Unemployment Slightly Up
Guangdong Halts Salary Increases at Monopolies
China to Build More Low-rent Houses
Gov't to Reduce Income Gap Through Reform: Officials
Sino-EU Project Assists Elderly in West China
China Clarifies Rules on Increasing Supply of Small Houses
Nation to Launch Monitoring of Birth Gender Ratios
Guangdong Increases Minimum Salary Levels
Lenovo Introduces Corporate Pension Scheme
China to Reform Income Distribution System for Social Equality
Urban Personal Residential Area Stands at 26 sq. m
Property, Oil Prices Raise Cost of Living in Beijing
Cabbies Hope for Relief with Subsidy Promise
Urbanites Head for New Life in Suburbs
China to Offer More Legal Aid to Disadvantaged Groups
Govt's Budget Targets Education, Innovation, Environment
Shanghai Addresses Ageing Issue
Income Gaps Among Urban Residents Looming Large
Korean Couple Build Loving Home for Orphans
China Promotes Volunteer Service in Communities
Divorce Rate Rises As China Develops: Scholar
Heavily Polluted City Invests in a Cleaner Environment
Second-hand Housing Takes New Direction
Population to Peak at 1.5 Bln in 2030s
Urbanites Worry About Rising Cost of Living
HK's Unemployment Rate Descends
China Dedicated to Raising Women's Economic Status

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Developing modern agriculture is the Chinese government's top priority in building a new socialist countryside, according to a document jointly released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council.
Eighteen children pose for a picture at a village in Ziyun Miao and Buyi Autonomous County in Guizhou Province, January 22. Among them, twelve children's parents left the village to work in big cities in coastal areas.
Chinese farmers saw their net incomes grow to 3,587 yuan ($460) last year, representing the third consecutive year of 6 percent year-on-year growth.
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