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China's Democracy
Religions in China
Voltage Supply in China
How to Contact Shanghai Hospitals
More Information on Travel Column
Information on China’s History, Government, Tourism and Economy
How to Contact the Doctor Carrying out Ultrasound Cancer Treatment
Public Holiday Dates for 2003
How to Cook Fish
Images on Chinese Currency RMB Notes
How to Make a Donation to Aid Flood Victims
Visa Application for Your China Visit
Information on China’s History, Government, Tourism and Economy
Application Procedures for Loan of Giant Pandas
What’s happening with the Memphis Zoo’s application to China for a loan of giant pandas? China.org.cn investigates.
How Do I Adopt a Baby in China?
Chinese Views on Some International Affairs
About RMB Conversion Services
Chinese currency is called Renminbi (people's money), often abbreviated as RMB. Issued by the People's Bank of China it is the sole legal tender for both the Chinese nationals and foreign tourists.
Boao Asia Forum
Changsha, Capital City of Hunan Province
Two readers write us and tell us about their special interest in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province in south China, through their daughter. Here we offer some information about the city.
Beijing Science and Technology Week 2002
China Official Public Holiday Schedule for 2002
Introduction of Simple Chinese Recipes
China-Hospeq Exhibition
A reader writes us looking for information on the China-Hospeq exhibition. Here we offer some suggestions.
China’s National Flower
A reader writes to us looking for information on the national flower of China. Here we offer some suggestions.
Information on Six Chinese Cities
A Canadian friend writes to us looking for information on six Chinese cities. We offer some suggestions.
Why Aren't Local Media Represented on China.org.cn?
A Foreigner’s View on China
A 14-year-old Australian student offers his view on China.
Olympic Women
Television audiences worldwide watched two Chinese women who took part in Beijing’s successful final presentation July 13 before the International Olympic Committee. In China, we know these two women well, but a reader from the United States asks a question that may be on the minds of many in the west: Who are those remarkable women?
Reader Applauds China on Iraq
A reader from the United States offers his views on Iraq.
Shanghai Property
An overseas Chinese writes to us looking for information on his childhood home in Shanghai. We give him some suggestions.
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