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Jews in Old China: Studies by Chinese Scholars
Jews in Old China by Sidney Shapiro was originally published by Hippocrene Books in 1984 with considerable success. It was then translated in Hebrew and published in Israel in 1987. This newly expanded edition offers a rich exposition, according to the Chinese investigations, on the origins of these Jewish migrants.
Taiyuan -- the Dragon City
With the assistance of China through the Looking Glass and the Taiyuan Government's Tourism Board, Michael Arnold and Hamish Dewe accessed insider knowledge about Taiyuan city most Westerners have never even heard of and view unknown historical treasures.
China Through the Looking Glass -- Xiamen
Eric Abraham's volume reveals Xiamen through witty, insightful text and stunning photography. This is the ideal companion for any visitor to this city.
The Lake of a Thousand Islands
Monique Van Dijk's book is the first English language publication to delve exclusively into this new region, one of China's most recently emerged natural tourist attractions.
China through the Looking Glass: Hangzhou
China through the Looking Glass: Hangzhou is an engaging, personable, and vibrant depiction of Hangzhou city as seen through the eyes of foreigners.
Nanjing -- A Cultural and Historical Guide for Travelers
Roy Kesey's new book Nanjing -- A Cultural and Historical Guide for Travellers takes away the veil for contemporary visitors. Not merely a travel guide with listings and reviews, Nanjing examines the city as a cultural artefact, digging out the past from every corner.
The Wuxi Legacy
Michael Arnold's book follows the story of Wuxi from its creation to the modern age, bringing to Wuxi's visitors a rare vision of both Wuxi and a new appreciation of the China of today.
Streetwise Guide Beijing
Streetwise Guide Beijing is much more than a guide book; it is a comprehensive source of information for all your travel needs.
Chinese Sculpture
This gorgeous book, written by a team of eminent international scholars, is the first to offer a comprehensive history of Chinese sculpture.
Peking Opera
Peking opera, China's national opera, is a comprehensive art that has singing, recitation, acting and acrobatics (dancing) at its core.
Sunzi: The Art of War
Sunzi: The Art of War is the earliest and most valuable treatise on military science extant.
Tibet -- Natural Resources and Scenery
Tibet is the world's biggest treasure-house of alpine plants and is also a home to many plateau-dwelling wild animals.This book divides Tibet into five regions, clearly describing the region's natural resources and unspoilt scenery.
Tibet's Historical and Cultural Landscape
The book unfolds in words and beautiful images the historical and cultural landscape, and in so doing, to explain the inseparable historical ties between Tibet and the rest of China, and the emotional bonds that unite China's Tibetan and Han peoples.
Sketches on the Long March
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Long March. To commemorate this great event and Red Army officers, Foreign Languages Press presents a new edition of the album with revisions and a new design.
The Yixing Effect: Echoes of the Chinese Scholar
With this insightful and beautiful book, The Yixing Effect: Echoes of the Chinese Scholar, Marvin Sweet reveals how the Yixing teapot has captured the imagination of contemporary ceramic artists and why it has becomes a compelling source of inspiration.
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The Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon -- The Last Secret World
The Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon is the biggest canyon in the world.
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2005 Evaluation Report on China's Reform
The book is the first analysis and evaluation report on China's reform for a single year.
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