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China firmly opposes US supression of Chinese companies

China firmly opposes the United States using state power to suppress Chinese companies, according to the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Thursday.

Ban on China's Huawei may hit US rural areas: Expert

Tariffs to hurt US wind industry

Trade tensions disrupt China's pork imports from US

China capable of keeping RMB exchange rate stable

​A senior central bank official on Thursday reiterated that China is "capable and confident" of keeping the renminbi exchange rate generally stable on a reasonable and balanced level.

​Guizhou creates model on big data development

Thanks to its constant strategies for big data development, southwest China's Guizhou province has witnessed continuous results in promoting the application of big data in government administration as well as commercial and civilian use in recent years.

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BRI boosts Nepal's infrastructure development

As a participant in the BRI since 2017, Nepal is poised to take full advantage of the economic opportunities on offer, making this the right time to elevate its cooperative partnership with China into a comprehensive and strategic one.


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